Adventurous Locations For Your Midwest Session or Elopement
There is no doubt in our minds that having intentional experiences is always worth the effort. The lasting value of our memories can shape our lives for years to come. Things and possessions can be destroyed or fall apart, but when we sit down and weigh what matters the most to us, and consider what changes us the most, it's our experiences that will resonate for a lifetime. That's why we always recommend planning an adventure. During this important stage in your life, putting your trust in the value of experiences over things is what turns your engagement and your wedding into an adventure. This isn't just a process or a bunch of steps to f ...
51 Images Taken In New York City
When you go on vacation do you like to take photos? We sure do. The saddest thing you can ever do with your photos is put them up on Facebook, save them to your hard drive, post them to Instagram, save them to your phone, share them in an iCloud Sharing Group, but never print them and put them up in your home. There is a distinct and deliberate difference between the images we enjoy digitally and the images we enjoy physically. There is a respect shown to a memory when it's given a place of finite space and infinite value. That's what our walls and our albums represent, the things, the memories we treasure the most. Here are 51 frames f ...
Banff National Park, Alberta // Travel
Welcome To Our Trip! Hi. Now this is a story all about how our trip was super awesome and we turned Banff upside down. Fresh Prince Style. Our adventure began exactly as you’d expect: with us spending  weeks buying awesome hiking accessories from Moosejaw. As you do. Our 3 hour, 39 minute flight started in Detroit with, frankly, way too much candy and even more coffee.  We arrived in Calgary in the morning and started our two hour drive to the aptly named town of Banff, Alberta. We spent 9 days in the park, hiking, climbing, scrambling, eating and being totally quiet and completely still. It was magical and always will be. You ...