A Serene Wedding in the Woods | Up North, MI | Taylor + Luke

An Intimate, Small Wedding in the Woods Followed by a Private Dinner in Northern Michigan by “Up North” Photographers ME+HIM Photography

If you find yourself attending a small wedding in the woods in Northern Michigan during the fall (or as we Michiganders like to say, “Up North wedding season, eh!”), count yourself lucky. And don’t say “Up North wedding season, eh!” as we don’t actually say that. Or rather, we shouldn’t say that.

But seriously, just look at that color change. However, what truly brings that color to life, is grabbing your person, your closest family, some incredibly talented vendors (looking at you The Revel Rose and LINNAEA Floral), and curating a truly memorable small wedding in the woods experience.

It’s special. It’s emotional. It’s simple. It’s beautiful.

We’re so happy that Taylor and Luke did just that. They found an idyllic and artist inspired Airbnb in Northern Michigan and they married in a small ceremony in front of their closest family and friends. Afterward, they ventured deeper into the woods to exchange private vows while their guests gathered inside the AirBnb for wine and charcuterie boards. Then it was off to Forest, A Food Studio for a private meal cooked by an amazing chef. It wasn’t just dinner. It was an experience. And it fostered some truly meaningful moments just as a good meal with all your people should. (Follow Forest, A Food Studio on facebook, or even better yet – go there in person!).

Overall, the day was filled with love, family, joy, and contentment. And did we mention a private chef making all the amazing food right in front of our literal faces?!!? It really doesn’t get any better than that. 

Enjoy this Small Up North Wedding in the Woods



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