Do you take lots of cat photos?

Why yes, we are so very glad you asked, yes we do. We have two incredible little feline friends and when they aren’t scratching things and hunting boxes, they are posing for pictures. They’re named Beckham and Posh (yes, After David and Veronica Beckham – We got really into the soccer sport for a spell…).

What are your prices?

Well alrighty then, I see we are jumping right into the serious questions now?
No more soft ball questions about kitties?
Well, let’s get right down to business then shall we?

You can get a small overview here.


Do you blog all your weddings? Or what about posting to Instagram or Facebook?

Actually no, that would be a ton of work. Similar question, we also don’t post every couple or wedding we shoot on social media. Some couples don’t want to be featured, some do, and some never tell us either way. So we don’t ask before posting photos or blog posts, but if you have a strong aversion to being on either, just let us know. The same goes for your online proof gallery, we can password protect it if that’s what you want.

What is a digital release? Do we get high res photos? What's a copyright? Why is life confusing?

The way the US Copyright System works it gives you as the subject basically no rights.  We like you guys, you seem like you deserve some rights.  The digital files release means that you get a full res copy of each image we deliver, without a watermark, and you will be able to decide how to use the photos in any non-commercial way you want (meaning you can share it online, print it, frame it, snapchat it, decoupage a pair of shoes with it, or whatever else you want, but not sell it, or represent it as your own work). We would also kindly ask that if you post them to social media, please consider refraining from putting additional filters on them – it hurts our feelings.  All our packages come with a digital release for all the images we deliver.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

We love our couples to be over the moon happy, we love shooting, we love editing, we love taking naps. It’s because of all these things that we really, really limit the number of weddings we shoot per year. We try to not book more than 30 weddings a year (sometimes with destination weddings we will take on more than 30 to go somewhere special – but it’s generally not many more than that). Ok, now go ahead, do the math. We are not rich and never will be, but we keep things simple and we are truly happy. This means we get to really focus on the quality of our work. We aren’t a wedding factory that shoots 50, 60 or more weddings a year. Seriously, there are photographers that shoot that many weddings and they must be so flippin’ tired. We aren’t tired. We get lots of rest. Because we take naps. It also means we are able to do volunteer work, recharge our batteries, make art that is only for us, play with our cats, enjoy our families and travel a bit.

Can we give you a shot list?

That depends on what you mean by a shot list.  If you mean a list of different combo’s of family members you want pictures with, then heck yeah!  We don’t know your family (but we’d like to!!), so therefore, we won’t know “who goes with who” and “who doesn’t like who” and so on.  So absolutely we really do need a checklist of these types of photos.  But, if by shot list you mean the itemized list you found on Pinterest that includes things like “a shot at sunset where your dress is twirling counterclockwise in the wind and your ring twinkles in the perfect golden light as a flock of doves flies northeast in the background,” then wow, thank you for thinking we are so awesome that we can control the weather. And the birds.  Seriously though, we are so glad you are excited about your wedding photography! So are we.  But, these lists are the worst.  They are like asking to be let down, because life doesn’t imitate art in this case. We want to create and document beautiful moments with you – moments that you treasure forever. But in reality, while we are trying to recreate that photo from a shot list and wrangle the doves, we will miss 10 other amazing moments that really capture who you are.  If you still don’t believe us, here is a great Junebug Weddings article on the subject: Why You Don’t Need to Give Your Photographer a Wedding Shot List. You’ll thank us later, and we promise we will take sunset photos with you, we actually have nothing against sunset photos, twirling dresses, golden light, or birds of any kind – we hope that was clear…

How many hours of coverage do you provide?

We really don’t like putting a number on it. But trust us, we prefer to be there the entire day and have the chance to capture all the important events that happen. But some couples don’t want, or need an entire day of coverage. Other couples want to find a way to reduce the overall cost of photography for their wedding and opt for an elopement package to keep the costs down. While it’s important for us to not compromise our craft, we do offer packages with reduced hours of coverage as a way to lower the total cost of photography. In a full day of coverage, we would arrive before the ceremony to get pictures of you both getting ready, shoot the rest of the day, and after a few hours of dancing, we’ve got just about everything there is to photograph. In most cases, that means by 10 PM everything on the timeline has occurred and we’ve captured tons of candid party moments, including Grandma dancing on a table and Jeff’s signature backflip in the dance circle. Of course, if you have something special planned we will be there as late as you need us, although if you have a 2 AM pizza run scheduled we will have to discuss it…although, we do love pizza.

When will we receive our photos?

It depends on the time of year. Due to the nature of the yearly wedding cycle, it’s quicker at the beginning of the year and longer at the end. For an engagement/couples session, expect 2-3 weeks. For the wedding, expect 6-8 weeks.

That seems like a really long time. Why so long?

Remember our answer for the number of weddings we shoot per year.  Here’s why. We spend time on every single photo we deliver. In post-production we re-touch every photo we deliver for color, exposure, white balance and lots of other technical things.  We also sprinkle a little bit of awesome on them to give them the look and feel that you fell in love with when you found our portfolio.  All of this takes time and it’s almost as important as what happens with a camera in our hands. We want you to love every photo, so we don’t rush it. Pretend we are a fine wine, or a stinky cheese.  If you ask nicely, we might be able to share a sneak peek after the wedding, but depending on our schedule we might decline.  Just telling you now. ?

I think you took our [insert familial relationship]’s …. family photos, do you guys still do that?

We love every family we’ve ever met and photographed, but we’ve made the choice as of last year to stop actively advertising family sessions and maternity sessions. It’s nothing personal really, we promise. It’s not you, it’s us! We have a style that doesn’t always fit with what is traditionally expected for these types of photos. If you really love what we do, and want to do something unique with us, like a lifestyle session, play date, or in home session, then please still reach out to us and depending on our schedule, we will consider it. If not, we are happy to recommend some local photographers who are also aaaammmaaazing at what they do.

Wait, we have more questions!! Hello… Is this thing on?

Sorry, got distracted.  Instagram is seriously always there, calling me.  Yes, I can imagine you might have many more questions, that’s normal.  That is why we like to set up a meeting with our couples to take some time to get to know one another.  Plus, there are just so many Pinterest lists filled with questions (we promise to pretend we’ve never heard them :-)).  Let’s grab coffee, or a beer, or FaceTime and go over them.  Give us a shout and we can set up a time to answer all your questions.