A Creek Club at I’On Wedding By Charleston Wedding Photographers: ME+HIM Photography

The Creek Club at I’On is one of the most idyllic wedding venues in Charleston. In fact, it’s one of the most incredibly special places in the Southeastern United States. The village of I’On is small and quaint. The surrounding neighborhoods are some of the most beautiful in the Charleston area. It’s the perfect place for a Charleston Wedding.

The Creek Club at I’On feels like a home. It sits in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina, just outside of Charleston. Sipping on a cocktail while looking out at the river has an incredible peaceful quality. Like the way you could see yourself living here, in this place that is both urban and arcadian and the same time. That’s the real gift of weddings in Charleston. They have a terroir that you can’t replicate anywhere else and that quality of character shines through in this wedding. It breathes Charleston in and sings it’s beauty.

Allison and Santron themselves as both individuals and as a couple enthralled us from the first moment we met them. They are complete individuals, fully realized in themselves, but also better together in that way that couples you look up to have. They make each other better. Allison and Santron are best friends that are always together and we are in awe at the respect they have for each other. We love how they celebrated who they are together on their wedding day.


Enjoy this Charleston wedding at the Creek Club at I’On

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