Boho Backyard Wedding | Ann Arbor, MI | Kaelyn + Ryan

An Intimate Boho Backyard Wedding By Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer: ME+HIM Photography

Kaelyn and Ryan chose a wedding venue that celebrated summer and reminded them of home and of celebrating with family and friends in the backyard. Their laidback, chill boho style is infused in every single detail. I’m actually not entirely sure what a boho backyard wedding is, but like many things, I know it when i see it. Backyard weddings, that I know well. The mystique of backyard weddings lies in the intimate and personal nature of our homes and our families. And that’s the entire heart and soul of what makes a wedding magical. That we can all be together celebrating this incredibly personal vow between two people and supporting them in their life together. They celebrated their lives, eachother, their friends, their family, their supporters and the marvelous deity of summer.

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language”

– Henry James

Kaelynn says Ryan is “romatically silly” and Ryan swears Kaelyn is a “silly romantic.” and we can’t argue with that, cause girl….SAME. Romance is built on the solid foundations of what we show to other people of our true selves and deep and abiding love is built on the insane silliness and giggles that happen with being completely open and honest with another person. I think what we admire most about Kaelyn and Ryan though is their ambition. Anyone who knows them knows that they have a driving, ardent, fire-in-the-belly approach to their life. They’ve seen unexpected setbacks and soared by them with a zeal we truly admire and they’ve accomplished tremendous things beyond their years.


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