ME+HIM Photography - Featured Work
Shanna+Zach // Oak Openings Engagement
One of my favorite song lyrics is: "You are water twelve feet deep and I am boots made of concrete." - The Front Bottoms Dang. Isn't that how love feels sometimes, like your lost and drowning, but it's perfect? Hearts are complicated, to say nothing of relationships. But love, love is unambiguous. It's made of lightning an ...
Shannon+Tim // Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer
A wedding is a beautiful thing and it's both the culmination and the beginning of so many tiny moments. Some of those moments happen years in advance: the first date, the first kiss, the first "I love you." Others, happen later. But the wedding is unique among all these things. The first kiss is only the first of many. The last ...
Alexa+Colton // Intimate In-Home Session
There is something about documenting human connections that feeds the little creative monster in us. Fortunately, he's always hungry (some serious creative polyphagia going on here) and photographing a couple in their home is like getting an all-you-can-eat pass to a 3 Michelin starred restaurant. To be allowed into the physical s ...
Emily+Brendan // Lansing Wedding Photographers
One of the worst things that happens to us is when a client cancels on us.  Every wedding matters, no matter how small or how big.  We firmly believe that.  We also firmly believe that we have to pay our rent.  So when a client does cancel, it really bums us out (because aforementioned bills).  But it also means that we get an oppo ...
Alyssa+Brad // Engaged In the Woods
We were so sick during this shoot.  Like, for reals folks.  We should not have been outside traipsing through the woods.  Fortunately, Alyssa and Brad were so amazing that they more than made up for our weary bodies. Its such a pleasure to photograph people who make you realize how much you love your own spouse.  Alyssa and Brad ...