Belle Isle Conservatory Engagement | Detroit, MI | Lizzie+Rob

A Moody Belle Isle Conservatory Engagement Session at the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory by Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer: ME+HIM Photography

There are a lot of beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Michigan and the Belle Isle Conservatory is definitely one the most beautiful. Hands down. And if you google “belle isle engagement photos” you can look at the exact same carbon copy photos over and over and over and over and over and over….(5 million more times)…and over and over again. It’s boring. There are tons of boring engagement sessions photos posted all over the boring internet from boring Detroit photographers and they are SO. GOD. AWFUL. BORING.

These photos are not boring.

Ok, rant over. Lizzie and Rob are the real deal folks. Straight up perfect for each other, they completely compliment the other person. You can see in every little interaction between them just how comfortable they are together. We’ve always felt that contentment and peace are the greatest gauges of the strength of our love. When all you need is the peace of your person’s arms. Mmmmm. That’s the good stuff.

We originally planned a golden hour extravaganza all over Detroit when it became clear that it was going to rain on us almost non-stop. No worries. We like the rain a whole bunch and ‘dem fall colors were on point. As the sun went down prematurely it wasn’t missed a lick.  The golden light from the conservatory, the perfect fall colors and the blue wash of twilight gave each moment an otherwordly moodiness. We can’t wait to see what their Detroit wedding looks like at Galleri 2987 (one of our new favorite industrial wedding venues in Detroit).

Oh! Oh! And Lizzie is a amazing knitter! Go follow her: @deepblueknits




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