Belle Isle Boat House Wedding | Detroit, MI | Alysia+Mitchell

A Belle Isle Boat House Wedding with Industrial Vibes by Michigan Wedding Photographer: ME+HIM Photography

Belle Isle Boat House is one of the most unique wedding venues in Detroit. It simultaneously has the feeling of an old mansion and something more raw, almost industrial. At 117 years old you can bet your butts it’s historic. It can also be a blank slate when it comes to design. When you combine all that with Alysia’s incredible style it comes out as a pretty incredible wedding.

We left the Boat House and explored abandoned buildings in Detroit. We’ve always wanted to work with a couple that was adventurous enough to want to explore these incredible spaces that you can only find in Detroit. Alysia and Mitchell showed off their personalities in every detail and the way they celebrated. They followed their own path and made their own traditions and we were honored to be a part of it.

Alysia + Mitchell are genuinely some of the most easygoing folks we’ve had the pleasure of working with. When we first met them we bonded over food and music and hating all the fake wedding photos we’d seen on the internet. We fell in love with they way Alysia and Mitchell made fun of each other and it totally reminded us of how we are together. When Alysia told us she wanted to take a historic Detroit venue and give it an industrial, dark vibe we knew we were in love with their vision. When we saw how they picked the dream team at Spoke Events we knew this was going to be one for the books!


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Nora Logue

Absolutely loving these vibes! Great use of light/shadow and some super awesome grungy spaces and walls! Good work!


These are simply stunning! The grooms face during the first look – ahhhhh so cute! Gorgeous work!


The storytelling is absolutely beautiful! Love all the portrait locations, great work!


Wow what a gorgeous Detroit wedding. Your wonderful use of light is so inspiring!


These are rad. I love all the colors and the murals you found are sick! You have such a creative eye.


DUDE. This has got to be one of the coolest weddings I’ve ever seen! That venue has it all and your work brings out the mood of the day splendidly. WOW!

Traci Edwards

I love how creative you got with their portraits

Henry Tieu

Wowza these photos though. You guys slay

Brittany Johnson

These are incredible! What a beautiful wedding, the belle isle boat house is such a freakin cool venue!


This is just the most dreamy wedding ever! Your work is just stunning!


You are such a storyteller! I LOVE THE PORTRAITS!

Summer Vanover

Can I please have the details on how you booked the venue? My wedding is next year and would love it to be here. Thanks!

Kelly & Trevor

Hi Summer, we are wedding photographers so we didn’t book the venue. Send us an email and we can reach out to our contacts and see if we can find the venue director. 🙌🏻

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