ME+HIM Photography - Featured Work
Hilary+Adam // Waldenwoods Lodge Wedding By The Lake
A great wedding is difficult thing, the perfect wedding is impossible. But, your wedding... your wedding is always a joyful, perfectly, imperfect celebration of what makes your relationship great. So when it rained on Hilary & Adam's wedding and they had to move their ceremony indoors at the last minute, it didn't change how m ...
Frank+Suzy // After Wedding Session
Huge News Flash: There are only 24 hours in a day. Most days that's no biggie, other days it seems like even that is way too long. But on your wedding day it seems like only having 24 hours in a day is a personal attack on your everloving joy. We get it too. Sometimes the reality of wedding planning and your timeline slaps yo ...
Krystal+Jason // A Rainy Thunderstorm Engagement
Love songs have been talking about walking in the rain for...well, for as long as there has been rain and love.  There is something to be said for the courage it takes to let whatever happens happen. It rained and it was beautiful.  
Tara+Krishna // Detroit Engagement Session
  It shouldn't surprise anyone that love is the most cherished aspect of marriage. Love is about being willing to give everything you have and still be ready to lose it all. True love is above all self sacrificing and it requires no other other quality to affect its power entirely on another person. And don't let anyone eve ...
Shanna+Zach // Oak Openings Engagement
One of my favorite song lyrics is: "You are water twelve feet deep and I am boots made of concrete." - The Front Bottoms Dang. Isn't that how love feels sometimes, like your lost and drowning, but it's perfect? Hearts are complicated, to say nothing of relationships. But love? Love is unambiguous. It's made of lightning an ...